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Do you want to earn money from online part time freelance writing jobs? Are you good at SEO friendly articles and blog writing? Join us! To start earning money from the internet.

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Article Writing Jobs


Help Online Jobs is offering the best, secure, and reliable opportunity to everyone especially female students, professional teachers, teenagers, beginners, and everyone in Pakistan, India, and worldwide to become an online part time content writer according to Google Search Engine. We post all the well written articles, blogs, and content on different professional websites, where many users read them. Those who have good writing skills, we trained them How to earn money by online part time freelance articles and content writing jobs.  We also trained, how to do SEO friendly content writing. This is the best online job to earn money by part time internet article, content, or blog writing for students, beginners, and professional teachers, engineers, and medical doctors from home. Help Online Jobs is the best company of Pakistan which is providing best academic writing jobs, technical writing, creative story writing, SEO friendly blog, articles and website content writing jobs in Pakistan (especially in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Rawalpindi), India, USA, UK, Europe and all over the world.

In the article writing package, you have to write simple SEO friendly articles on different topics like Computer, Mobile Phones, Internet Technology, Engineering Science, Medical Health, Online Tutorials and etc. The article must be at least 1500 words with well written original content (plagiarism free - 100% unique) and cannot be sent to any other article database after submitting it to Help Online Jobs. Freelance Writing Job is the best way to enhance your knowledge along with earning money.


What is SEO Friendly Content Writing?

Content Writing is done for the websites so that users could know about the website and services. Articles, Blogs or website content is written for many purposes but especially for the users to get information and very importantly for Google Search Engine to rank the website. SEO Friendly content is written for users but in such a way that Search Engine also like it, means it should be Keyword rich but natural writing. SEO Friendly Blog contains a well written title with meta description and body.


Tips for Quality Content Writing?

Quality content is very important for websites to rank at good position in Search Engines. Article must cover the following points for quality writing

  1. Article must be fresh and unique. We need to focus on the current topic depending on the trend of google searches and that must be 100% original with 0% plagiarism.
  2. Article or Content must contains correct spellings with good grammar and easy vocabulary so that users could read and understand very easily.
  3. Article must be divided in small paragraphs with sub-headings (normally in H3 heading tag) to make it easy to read for users.
  4. Article should have relevant and solid examples with reference if possible. We should also mention facts and figures (better in the form or table or graphical charts) clearly with 100% correct and authentic information if there is any research available on that topic.
  5. If we are talking about the products or services, write complete specifications and features along with its merits and de-merits.
  6. Content must be interesting in such a way that readers should enjoy. We must need to engage the user on our content, he can stop reading and close the article if he gets bore and bounce rate can be generated which is negative for SEO Ranking.
  7. Blog must have proper keyword density mean we should use our primary and secondary keywords properly in our content to rank the article in google.
  8. For better ranking, we need to put primary and secondary keywords as sub-heading in H2 or H3 heading tags. Also we need to make them once Bold and once Italic in the whole article and remaining we can keep them as normal text.
  9. In start, write opening paragraph and at the end, conclusion is necessary. Try to write your own fair and un-biased opinion about that products in concluding paragraph.
  10. We need to link that article with the other pages of the same website with proper use of better anchor text.


Topics for Article Writing Jobs

We have almost all the topics available for remote writing. We prefer internet online freelance writers having fluent English, best plagiarism free writing skills with good grammar and vocabulary. You can be asked to write on any topic about Internet Technology, Business Writing, Computing System, Mobile Phones, Health Tips, General Life, Online Marketing and etc.


Online Writing Jobs for Students

In developing countries as like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh; Education is very expensive and most of the time they leave study just due to less source of family income. This is the golden opportunity for all the students to earn handsome money from internet online freelance writing jobs to overcome their educational expenses and to support themselves for further studies. In all the universities, colleges and schools we study well about, how to write articles and essays. We can use our educational knowledge to enhance our writing skills and start online writing jobs.


Freelance Writing Jobs for Females

In our society it is very hard to job in any company or in organization for females. Some time, our society does not allow girls to do job or some time due to family responsibility females cannot do regular jobs, rather they prefer to work as Online Part Time Jobians. This is the best opportunity for family women having great skills in English Writing to work as freelance article writer along with internet earnings.


There are many types of online freelance writing jobs for students and females:

  • Online Academic writing Jobs
  • Online Articles & Blogs Writing Jobs
  • Website Content or Product Description Writing Jobs
  • Technical Report Writing Jobs
  • Business Writing Jobs


Why we need Article Writers

We have a lot of international clients who need High Quality SEO Friendly Articles, blogs, website content for bloggers and companies. We have a lot of multi-national companies as client who needs business report, technical report writing, tutorials writing for products and etc. We also required to write academic writings to help out students and researchers.


Earning & Withdrawals

Professional writers are earning a handsome money with their writing skills but beginners are also earning little less amount. Help Online Jobs is the first company which provides earning on daily basis to his clients. You can get the earning by multiple ways as like, direct deposit in your bank account, via easy paisa, mobi cash, omni shop, paypal, payoneer, skrill, Bitcoins and etc

Who is recommended for Writing Jobs?

Anyone having good skills in writing and fluent in English can do this jobs very efficiently. We recommend Freelance Writing Jobs for students, housewives, teachers, engineers, medical specialists, online bloggers, digital marketing specialists and etc.

Article Writing Job Packages

Basic Package$30

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  • Registration Fee: 30 USD
  • Valid for 6 Months
  • Up to 100 Articles per Month
  • Earning per Article up to $1
  • Earn up to $100 Monthly
  • Payment within 5 days
  • $5 Monthly Processing Fee
  • Monthly Payout

Professional Package$100

Sign up
  • Registration Fee: 100 USD
  • Valid for 60 Months
  • Up to 400 Articles per Month
  • Earning per Article up to $5
  • Earn up to $2,000 Monthly
  • Payment within 5 days
  • $15 Monthly Processing Fee
  • Monthly Payout

Why Freelance Article Writing is better than other Online Jobs?

Article Writing Job is the best among all available online jobs due to many factors other than earning resources. Few merits of freelance writing jobs are given below:

  1. Effective writing is one of the best ways to promote yourself.
  2. Writing well can make people quicker to trust you.
  3. The way you write tells a lot about who you are as a person.
  4. When you write something down, it becomes more actionable than an idea in your head.
  5. How you write tells others about your intelligence and expertise.
  6. The better you are at writing, the more effective your marketing copy will be.
  7. Effective writing can be persuasive and entice action.
  8. The way you write can help others understand more and be able to form their own questions.
  9. Writing improves communication skills which provide better opportunities in the future.
  10. The best source of income which increases with the passage of time as you get experts.

Importance of Writing Skills

A board of company employers and professionals did an extensive survey about the employees writing skills and observes these points:

  1. Most of the companies higher officials said writing ability is considered when promoting employees
  2. Nearly all the companies agreed, they hold poorly written job applications against candidates
  3. American companies spend more than $3.1 billion each year to remedy writing deficiencies


How to Start Freelance Writing Jobs?

This is a very common question by users, how to start freelance writing jobs. This is very simple, get registered on this website with the paid membership and send us 2 sample articles with at least 600 words original quality content. If you have good writing skills with fluent English, these will be accepted and you will start getting paid by every article. For more details, please have a look at below given video:

Internet Popularity

Freelance Writing Jobs are very popular and considered the best source of earning from the internet. You can understand the importance of writing work from these search queries. These are a few job titles by which millions of people are searching from just a google search engine every year. Common search queries are, earn money by online article writing jobs, online part time content writing jobs for beginners, internet freelance academic writing jobs for students, online freelance article writing jobs for females, online jobs for writers from home, and many more.

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Common Questions

1- On which topic, I can write sample articles?-

You can write on any topic of your choice for a sample. We are interested to know your writing skills, your research methodology, and your command on the English language. After its approval, you need to write on the given topics only.

2- Will company provide us training about writing skills?+