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Do you want to earn money from youtube video jobs? Are you good in video editing, uploading and advertisement? Join us! To start earn money from youtube jobs.

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Youtube Jobs


Help Online Jobs is providing best reliable jobs to earn money from youtube video uploading and sharing on multiple websites as like social media and blogging networks for students, females and beginners in Pakistan, India, USA, Dubai and worldwide so that they could earn a better income to improve their standard of life. Youtube is the largest website of video hosting in the world which allows anyone to upload videos. This is being very popular now a day for product marketing and audio video reviews.

In youtube package, company provides you videos by company logo and details, you need to upload them on youtube and share on internet. You will also learn about video marketing in this package. Company pays you for every individual video which you uploaded and also pays you for its advertisement. This is the best and most simple job by which you can earn unlimited money by sitting at your home as part time internet jobs. For this, you must have the basic knowledge about youtube, video editing, videos uploading and social sharing. You also need high speed internet for this job.


Earning & Withdrawals

Professional youtube workers are earning a handsome amount with video editing skills but freshers need to work harder to earn reasonable amount. Help Online Jobs is the first company which provides earning on daily basis to his clients. You can get the earning by multiple ways as like, direct deposit in your bank account, via easy paisa, mobi cash, omni shop, paypal, payoneer, skrill, Bitcoins and etc

Who is recommended for this job?

One having basic knowledge about youtube video uploading, video editing, social sharing and advertisement along with high speed internet connection. This job is very simple if you have knowledge otherwise, this is not good for you. We recommend this job to female students, video editors, graphics designer and beginners to let them earn money online from home along with learning about video marketing.

Youtube Job Packages

Basic Package$50

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  • Registration Fee: 50 USD
  • Valid for 6 Months
  • Up to 50 Videos per Month
  • Every Video in 100 Websites
  • Earning up to $10 per video
  • Earning up to $500 Monthly
  • Payment within 5 days
  • Get Daily Earning

Professional Package$150

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  • Registration Fee: 150 USD
  • Valid for 12 Months
  • Up to 100 Videos per Month
  • Every Video in 100 Websites
  • Earning up to $15 per video
  • Earning up to $1,500 Monthly
  • Payment within 5 days
  • Get Daily Earning

Common Questions

1- Will company provide us training about Video Editing?-

NO! We assume you already know exactly how to edit videos. We will give you training about how to advertise the videos but not about videos editing.