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Facebook Online Jobs


Help Online Jobs is offering best, secure and reliable opportunity to earn money from facebook online part time internet jobs for students, females, freshers and beginners in Pakistan, India, USA and worldwide with facebook earning tutorials as like how to earn money from facebook, how to earn money from facebook public groups, how to earn money from facebook fan page likes and etc. Facebook is the most famous, powerful and strongest social media site so we use facebook as marketing source and provide social media online jobs only at facebook. Advertisement on Facebook social media is the most powerful and quick result oriented digital marketing. Facebook Online Jobs is the best social media online jobs for students, beginners, family girls and less educated guys. We are the best company to provide social media jobs on facebook worldwide especially in USA, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and etc.

In Facebook Jobs, you have to simply share our given products and website links on public facebook groups having more than 1,000 members only. You can share our client’s products from different profiles with girls name only. Company pays you more even if you share the products with your friends and on your time line. This is very simple, easy and less time taking online job. FB Job is best for those who cannot give much time to internet jobs. This also enhance your knowledge about social media marketing.


What is Social Media Website?

Social media is normally refer to social networking websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked In and etc. We can register free of cost to make our personal profiles, share photos, videos and communicate with other registered users. These Social Media Sites are being very popular and active these days due to many reason but a very noticeable reason is online home based business to earn money.


How to make money from facebook online jobs

Facebook is the largest social media network available in the world. In every country, including Pakistan, India; many people are earning money out of this by multiple ways. Mostly people sell their products via Facebook Paid Advertisements but needs huge investment. We offer you to earn money from Facebook with very less investment by just sharing our client’s products on public groups. We will make a banner image and write its opening lines for you, and you just need to share that image with data on public groups, fan pages and profiles to make money. There are many ways to make money from facebook for students, females, freshers and beginners, few terms are given below

  1. How to earn money from Facebook Fan Page Likes
  2. How to earn money by Facebook Groups
  3. How to make money from Facebook Advertisements
  4. How to make money by Facebook Videos


Earning & Withdrawals

Professional Facebook Advertisers are earning a handsome amount with social media marketing skills but freshers need to work harder to earn reasonable amount. Help Online Jobs is the first company which provides earning on daily basis to his clients. You can get the earning by multiple ways as like, direct deposit in your bank account, via easy paisa, mobi cash, omni shop, paypal, payoneer, skrill, Bitcoins and etc

Who is recommended for this job?

Everyone having basic English reading skills with good internet and Facebook website knowledge. We recommend Facebook Job for students, females, freshers and beginners. Facebook package is rather very simple and easy as compare to other online jobs.

Facebook Job Packages

Basic Package$50

Sign up
  • Registration Fee: 50 USD
  • Valid for 6 Months
  • Up to 90 Assignments per Month
  • 1 post in 500 FB Groups
  • Earning up to $4 per assignment
  • Earning up to $360 Monthly
  • Payment within 5 days
  • Get Daily Earning

Professional Package$100

Sign up
  • Registration Fee: 100 USD
  • Valid for 12 Months
  • Unlimited Assignments per Month
  • 1 post in 500 FB Groups
  • Earning up to $6 per assignment
  • Unlimited Monthly Earning
  • Payment within 5 days
  • Get Daily Earning

Why Facebook Advertisement Matters?

More than 80% companies related to IT, online services, eCommerce and small local business invest Millions of USD every month just on Facebook Advertisements. They run paid Facebook Campaigns which is being costly day by day due to increasing demand of facebook marketing. A board of company advertisers did an extensive survey about the Social Media Marketing and observes these points:

  1. Facebook Fan Page with huge number of fan likes shows the authenticity of the company and business
  2. Nearly all the companies agreed, Facebook Marketing is the most powerful, reliable and quick method to grab the clients
  3. More than 80% companies spend tens of million dollars every month just to increase the visibility of their business or to grow the business network.

How to start earning from Facebook Online Jobs?

Facebook job is the best among all available online jobs due to many factors other than earning resources. This is very easy to start earning. Below given steps are how to start making money from Facebook

  1. Register on website
  2. Become paid member by paying the registration fee of this package
  3. You will get the data (image + content) which you need to share with others
  4. Make Excel report and send us to get money

For more info about working tutorial, please watch the below given video.

Internet Popularity

Facebook Internet Jobs are very popular and considered easiest source of earning from home. You can understand the power of Facebook Marketing Jobs from these search queries. These are few job titles by which millions of the people are searching from just google search engine every year. Common search queries are how to earn money from facebook pages, facebook online jobs for students, facebook part time jobs in Pakistan, facebook internet jobs for freshers, social media online jobs and many more.

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Common Questions

1- What kind of groups, I can use for Facebook Sharing?-

You can use any facebook public group to share our client’s product but that group must be relevant to the product and should have at least 1,000 followers.

2- Will company provide us training about Facebook Package?+