How to start Earning on Fiverr for Beginners


Sana Mustafa

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is like an E-marketing website where sale and purchase different product and services only in 5 $ and so all over the world. In simple words we can say that fiverr is a tool to make money. Fiverr introduced in early 2010 and became well known online marketing website all over the world.

Numbers of users are increase day by day. A vast variety of services are available on fiverr for selling and purchasing also. All services available on fiverr are called gigs. It is the collection of talented people they produce quality work.


Selection of Fiverr Account Name

Selection of a fiverr account name is an art. Attractive account name capture the attention of the customers and buyers. Choice of good name is an effective strategy. People not use their personal name for fiver account. If your name is similar to your gig it will increase your sales and website traffic also. For example if a person want to make a gig for Classified Ads Posting, the best user name is adsposting. If this is not available then other user names can be classifiedads, classifiedposting, classifiedadvertisements and so on.


High Levels of Earning

Fiverr is a place where we use our skills to earn money. Quality work increases the income. High performing sellers having skills to capture the buyer attention. A skilled seller gets great customer attention and satisfaction, punctual, maintain high work quality and high level of earning. Higher level of income will give us new opportunities to raise our level of income.


How to Start Working on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online market place where most of the services price is 5 $, but in some cases more than 5 $ depends on the situation and nature of the work. There are basically Two Steps for start working on fiverr the first step is the research and the second one is the implementation of your thinking about your gigs or services.


1.      Deep Research

Research means to find out the different effective methods, techniques and basic knowledge to start work on fiverr in most efficient way. First of all we decided what we want to sell on fiverr? After that we search out about the demands and needs of buyer. It is most important step to earn maximum money on fiverr. We carry out research about working on fiverr in two steps. These two steps are following:

  1. List down skills and expertise
  2. Top priority gives to those skills having strongest command


2.      Implementation  

Second step is implementation phase in which we are creating our gig or gigs, and then optimize gig description. Before the gig description selection of gig category is important step. Gig description would be more precise, and in understandable language.  Attractive video and image also attracts a number of buyers and increase your sales.

Time limit is an important factor to increase our income on fiverr. If we mention a limit of 3 days for the completion of an order but client no have more than one day, it’s called extra gig. We must complete the order in one day but charge some extra payment for this urgent work.


Fiverr Earning Magnet

Working on fiverr is like a magnet; our working capability is a magnet field. Quality work increase the magnetic field means the increase the buyer’s attention.


Fiverr for Beginners

Beginner means a new one who creates a fiverr account and start work very initial stage. As a newbie we must focus on tips for earning money.


Fiverr for marketer

A marketer sells their services and products by online marketing on fiverr. Income level totally depends on marketing skills. Marketing on Fiverr is an excellent way for online marketing. It reduces the transport cost and save the time of marketer.


Fiverr is simply a Freelancing platform which allows you to earn money online as much as you want but depending on your skills. If you are highly skilled and know exactly what you are selling, you can earn a huge amount with less time.


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