15 Best Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Writing for Google Adsense


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Tips for SEO Friendly Article Writing

Writing is an art which comes only by reading, reading, reading and writing. Our 15 tips for SEO Friendly Content Writing for a web page can assist you to produce high quality google friendly content that draws organic traffic and not only keep your website at very good position in Search Engine but also users take interest and come back to your website again and again. Below given are the best tips for seo friendly blog writing to earn money from google adsense.

  1. Appropriate and Stimulating Topics
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Make and Outline
  4. SEO Friendly Compelling Headings
  5. Well-Structured Content
  6. Interactive Content
  7. Remain Focus to the Topic
  8. Fresh and Unique Content
  9. Correct Spellings
  10. Easy Vocabulary and Good Grammar
  11. Keyword Density
  12. Appropriate Images
  13. Finishing Note
  14. Internal Links Sensibly
  15. Proofreading

 SEO Friendly Content Writing Tips

Here we tried to explain all the points one by one in detail. Please share your true feedback after reading this article.


1.  Appropriate and Stimulating Topics

It is vital to recall that regardless of what your subject material is, your blog writing has the potential to succeed in an oversized audience and enable your business on the far side the SEO advantages. Website content, articles and web log posts are a unit ways that to attach your organization to relevant, fascinating info regarding your business. Making copy that is literary and focuses on appropriate and stimulating topics in your business can facilitate it excel increasing your SEO Ranking by being joined to and shared by visitors. Interesting and Stimulating Topics for SEO Friendly Blog Writing is very important to gain long-lasting results.


2.  Keyword Research

Keyword is simply a query word which is searched in Search Engine to find the relevant material so this is very important for us to have knowledge that which query has more searches so that we could rank our content to grab more audience and traffic. We can search quality keywords having more searches and less competition from Google Keyword Planner Tool. Our selected keywords will help us to write a well-structured and relevant article.


3.  Make an Outline

SEOs understand what they are doing once they need that website visitors flip in an exceedingly reading-paper, define consequence before the finished paper is due. An overview forces you to analysis the subject, choose the foremost details, and get them organized effectively. You have to set up what to mention before you start writing an SEO Friendly Content. An inclusive outline keeps you centered as a result of it imposes structure and discipline. Do not write a point while not included! Making an outline keeps your SEO friendly content away from repetition.


4.  SEO Friendly Headings

The titles of blogs, articles and websites are among the most important things that grab the eye of a reader. Make SEO Friendly Heading and Sub Headings by using primary phrases in heading tags. Do not use a common, boring headline that merely describe what the article or net copy is concerned. Instead, suppose sort of a heading, compose and develop a headline that makes somebody need to browse additional.


5.  Well-Structured Content

Many folks with wonderful verbal communication skills have a writing style that is categorically painful to read. In mandate for Google and different search engines to allow your content the very best placement physically possible. It is vital that it is skilled and well-structured. Placing the acceptable heading tags for your content can do that. Use H1 heading tags for topic title, H2 tags for supporting title, H3 heading tags for subtitles and then on. This idea will facilitate your writing by encouraging you to place your most compelling ideas first.


6.  User Interactive content

Engage and entertain larger viewers. Keep your language easy, sociable, and *mumbo jumbo* free. You have a go to speak with potential patrons, not brag your vocabulary skills. Educate your reader and make your web page content information, seo friendly and useful.


7.  Remain Focus to the topic

Business writing is not a similar as writing your private blog. There is not anything wrong with using some temperament to your writing, this helps to stay the readers captivated. Simply, certify that you just keep centered on the business-oriented topic you are concerned and avoid drifting into unrelated lines. It is very important to remain relative to avoid irrelevant traffic to your website. Because there are chances to be banned from your website if Google and other search engines will observe the high rate of *bouncing back*.


8.  Fresh and Unique Content

Duplicity is never appreciated by Google and other search engines. Therefore do not simply “copy and paste” content from existing sources on the internet. Confirm your content is fresh and unique! Even duplication your own content can be a poor Optimized plea. A well-inscribed, extremely creative piece of writing will grab the reader’s attention and good from an SEO viewpoint. Content Plagiarism can be checked online from many tools as like turn it in. With the originality of content, it must be fresh and recent so that people search and feel informative in reading. People will not take interest in reading your article if the content is about very old event or not hot topic.


9.  Correct Spellings

Many SEO experts think, by writing wrong or misleading spell can increase your traffic for all those searchers who are not well expert in English language and type wrong spells while searching from search engines. This is very sick practice, as google has become an intelligent machine now and it can understand and estimate the correct spells even if a query is given with wrong spells and also google take it negative if your content has wrong spells.


10.  Easy Vocabulary and Good Grammar

We must understand, English is not a mother language for all the readers. Most of the readers are from different languages but they know English well and some time at basic level so we must focus towards easy vocabulary and good grammar so that they could understand what we meant. We do not need to use very high and difficult vocabulary just to show off. Reader can simply off your web page if he is not getting, what he is reading so Easy Vocabulary and Good Grammar is very important to avoid bounce rate.


11.  Keyword Density

You are writing for humans, not simply web crawlers. Writing SEO friendly content is not tough and not like most people consider, it does not have to produce artificial and obnoxious text. SEO friendly content is evenhanded a piece of writing that is carved using some devotion paid to how web crawlers might trace the content.

Instead of repetition, use keyword variations. Content written for webpage and articles ought to be 500 to 2000 words normally but this can be more or less as well. Posts on social media channels, diary posting may be shorter. The length of your article can mostly be determined by the amount of keywords you are using. According to few SEO Experts, A keyword for each fifty to a hundred words of content may be a sensible enough.

Google never mentioned about the Keyword Density for any content writing but it says, article should be natural. Many SEO experts believes, Keyword Density must be under 4% and can be calculated by using this formula.

Repeating words = Total number of words in article x (4 / 100)

Keyword Density = Repeating Words / Length of Keyword

I hope, most of the readers do not understand this formula very easily so let me give you an examples to make this easy to understand.


Suppose we are writing an article having 1,000 total words about SEO friendly article writing to earn money from Google Adsense and I have to focus these 2 keywords

  1. Tips for SEO Friendly Blog Writing
  2. Earn Money from SEO Friendly Content Writing

1st Keyword is 5 words and 2nd keyword is 6 words long. Now use the above formula to know how many times I can use these keywords in my article.

Repeating Words = 1000 x (4/100) = 40 words

Mean we can repeat any word maximum of 40 times but this is about 1 word long keywords, now we have 2 keywords with 5 and 6 words long respectively. It means, we can use first keywords maximum of 8 times calculated from 40/5 and second keywords maximum of 6 times calculated from 40/6.

I hope now this is very clear about the Keyword Density in SEO Friendly Article and its calculation.


12.  Appropriate Images

Readers prefer visual information rather reading and most of the time, appropriate and attractive images compel users to read the text as well. Image is very important in website content writing because this creates the first concept and thought in readers mind, either they should read or not. Having conspicuous pictures that are a unit relevant to your content can grab the reader’s attention.


13.  Finishing Note

Even if you think that it is phenomenal, a work of genius, never post your initial piece of writing. Take the maximum span as you wish to form the primary written content. You may be surprised to find that the tremendous article you wrote about weekday appearance fully dreadful once you review it on a weekday. Invariably be ready to dot dejected, revise, rewrite, and revise once again. When you yield the copy, you have got a chance to build it higher, tense up the language, remove irrelevant information, and refine your details.


14.  Use Internal Links Sensibly

It is not that what you write that matters only. Sensible practice of internal-links will aid your website increase the search engine rankings. If a different page has pertinent info or you have written a comparable article before, add a link but do not do overly. Internal Linking help your users to keep looking at the relevant information more easily and this is the best practice to decrease your bounce rate as well.


15.  Proofread before Publish

I know from previous unpleasant experiences simply however vital, it is to use correct vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. Search engines will notice those typos before visitors do and give you valuable feedback regarding your webpage content.


Writing something takes effort, time and patience. Writing SEO friendly content for your website is not any totally different and it is critically dynamic. Practical content makes a website easier to market to each search engine and patrons.



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