8 Best Tips of SEO Friendly Page Title Tag for On Page SEO


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Tips for SEO Friendly Meta Title

Page Title Tag is basically a title element which defines the title of topic and content to users and search engines. Page Title is very important in on page SEO. Google read title tag after page URL and give 2nd highest importance in calculating the SEO Factor. Meta Title Tag is the first impact on both Search Engine as well as users, as this tells them the nature of content. Title is all about the content so this contains all the keywords on which you are writing.

SEO Friendly Page Title

We can exactly reach to achieve and optimize our page titles for search engines by following given 8 tips of Best SEO Friendly Blog Title.

1.     Meta Title Value

Page title elements are so much valuable for users and search engines in three different areas which are as follow:

  1. Browsing
  2. In result pages of search engine
  3. Relevancy

2.     Page Title Format

Page title must be meaningful and should contain primary keywords, secondary keywords or brand name. Page title is a part of URL and always be users friendly. Title never starts or ends with spaces. Try to avoid unnecessary words in title.

Don’t try to use meaningless or genetic page names like “untitled”, “newpage1”, “welcome to my page” etc.

3.      Descriptive Title

Make sure that title must describe the contents of the page. Non-descriptive title always confuse the users and search engine  for not finding the accurate information that they were expecting and then they prefer to click back button, which are very disappointing for  website and it also decrease the traffic of viewing.

4.      Blog Title Length

Google can display the search results in 512 px space which covers up to 70 characters of page title but you should keep it up to 65 characters that it cannot make problem in search engine result to display. So, informative and short page title more likely to be viewed more than lengthy titles and it also increase the search engine ranking of a page and much easy to read by users.

5.       Un-attractive and Duplicate Title

Irrelevant, boring and unattractive titles are always ignored by users as well by search engines. One more mistake we do is that we make titles which are already exist in search engines and then hard to find by users an accurate page because of its duplication. Relevant page titles of page contents always work more efficiently and provide best info about page to users.

6.       Unique Title

The title of each and every page should be unique from one another. Good and unique titles evoke an emotional response among users. An algorithm always wants uniqueness and quality in websites of Google. We don’t have multiple pages devoted to same titles and topics again and again on a well designed website.

7.       Branding

Use business or brand name if you have some space available in a page title. Users and search engine mostly skim read the results so, it’s good to use business or product name for brand awareness which will convey a positive impression.

8.       Use Pipes ’|’

We cannot manage and control the color and fonts of page title is written in and which word be bolded, but can use the types of word dividers and decide which word would be in capital letters. Try to avoid using (,), (.), (_), (-), or other punctuations to separate the keywords unless the keywords are written in that way. So, using pipe “|” as keyword separation is more preferred than other punctuations.


Best Page Title Tag Conclusion:

From above discussion this is clear that Page Title plays very important role in SEO of any website. To start any SEO Project, we first do On-Page Optimization and in On-Page Optimization, Page Title which is also known as Meta Title Tag, must be re-written according to the SEO Keywords. Below is the brief description of Best SEO Based Page Title.

  1. Page Title must be meaningful and should contain Primary and Secondary Keywords
  2. Page Title must be descriptive and relevant to the content.
  3. Page Title should not be very small or very large.
  4. Page Title should be attractive and engaging the user.
  5. Page Title must be unique for every page of website.



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